Would you recommend our services?

Definitely, as you deliver on your promise to quickly address our computer problems.

Braden, Hinchcliffe and Hawley, LLP Everett Hinchcliffe President
Braden, Hinchcliffe and Hawley, LLP

The service is great

We would and have recommended The Network Dr to others. The service is great. Bob and Josh are great people and they always put the customer first. They never blame us for errors. When the system has really been down and out they never let on that the problem is a MAJOR one - they solve the problem without worrying us.

Aphex Systems Inc. Julie Garcia Office Manager
Aphex Systems Inc.

Willing to stay until the job is done

What I like most about TNDI is the fast, quick, and reliable fixes and willingness to stay until the job is done. Vast knowledge base and you always know who to call to help you when need support.

Jacmar Foodservice Distribution Amy Henning IT Manager
Jacmar Foodservice Distribution

What I like most about TNDI

What I like most about TNDI is the peace of mind that our relationship has provided. Knowing that our most critical systems and data are in good hands gives me the peace of mind and assurance that the vehicle driving our operations is capable of helping our team reach or our objectives, day after day.

The Sanctuary Church Jonathan Edwards Technology Director
The Sanctuary Church

I have been a client of TNDI for over 12 years now and have seen many changes in technology. The addition of the Data-Safe Backup was one of the smartest moves we have made. We used to back up on tape which protected us but was not very convenient. Now if we need a file restored we simply let TNDI know at it is usually done within 30 to 45 minutes and this has saved us time and effort. I would highly recommend the service.

Robert Downing Downing Tax & Financial

Being a CPA firm the storage and protection of our client’s data is absolutely critical to the success of our business. After realizing our old tape backups weren’t working properly we contacted The Network Doctor to see what other solutions were out there. Bob set us up with an onsite and off site back up plan that has worked flawlessly. We have had a few occasions where we deleted something that we needed and The Network Doctor was able to have it back on our server in a matter of minutes. Since we started using TNDI’s Data-Safe backup system we haven’t had to worry about lost data or computer issue since. We never realized how important it was to have a good IT company behind our business and now we recommend it to all of our clients.

Brian Martin Martin Wealth Management

Last month we had some files deleted from our server in error and so I contacted TNDI to see if they could restore them. They were able to restore the files within 15 minutes. Every time we have needed to retrieve something from our backup, it has always been available. The backup system provided by TNDI gives our company peace of mind.

Cheryl Odermatt Adept Fasteners